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Luxury brands in Marbella

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

From the exclusive fashion boutiques to little fashion gems hidden in the narrow streets of Marbella, you can find all facets of cosmopolitan shopping culture.

Marbella, being a magnet for wealth and high living, effortlessly caters for a high calibre of residents and tourists. The marina area of Puerto Banús is where you find every designer possible, from high-end clothing boutiques to jewellery, shoes and handbags stores. You don’t really need to travel to Madrid or Barcelona to find the latest trends, as all can be found in Marbella.

We have picked out a handful of the very best Marbella boutiques:


Gucci is the biggest selling Italian brand in the world. In Marbella, it is located right in the heart of Puerto Banús. Gucci gives a glamorous plum to this prestigious Málaga port. A various range of stylish and impressive purses, wide choices of crystal finishes handbags - anything you shop for at Gucci Marbella is a breathtaking and overwhelming experience.

Louis Vuitton

If you look for a world of elegance, inspiration and innovation, Louis Vuitton boutique in Marbella is exactly the place. Picture this: a chocolate brown leather bag adorned with caramel coloured LV monograms and little quatrefoils and luxury yachts at the background. There are many picture-perfect locations in Marbella, but Louis Vuitton in Puerto Banús easily stands out from the crowd.


¨I’m just in love with Burberry. Always have been, always will be.¨ If you are like Aaron Paul, and you love British fashion, Marbella has managed, in some way, to bring the true classic style from ¨the Kesington¨. The pattern lined Trench coats, the bags, and scarves are the ultimate British quality, the craftsmanship, and the value right in the heart of Marbella.


For those who like a wardrobe inspired by sport, Lacoste innovates for style and freedom of movement. Since it is a brand founded by the French Davis Cup winner, Rene Lacoste, it has always been serving the best quality products for sports people. Given that tennis and golf have always been important in Spain, Lacoste’s popularity in Marbella is unparalleled.


Love Zara? You need to shop at Oysho! A Spanish brand that adapts the style of the moment to the eternal principle of feminine elegance. Oysho connects with the creative and spontaneous personality of women who are willing to transfer their style to their whole wardrobe. From pretty pyjamas to lacy bras and chic sportswear, it’s surprisingly well kept-secret. Perhaps not for long…


Escada has been synonymous with true elegance, cool glamour and sensual femininity since its inception in the late 1970s. This German brand has a youthful spirit running through their collection of dresses. If you are spending just a few days in Marbella and are looking for fabrics of the highest quality and dresses that fit your figure, this is certainly a place to visit.

Violeta by Mango

Violeta by Mango is a store where it is pretty impossible to leave without something inside your bag. Both its style and its diversity of sizes makes it a place where dressing with elegance is completely possible regardless of the size you are. Marbella is one of the few Spanish cities that has Violeta by Mango and it has been a revolution among women with large sizes.

El Corte Inglés

It’s a flagship Spanish department store. We can find it the largest Spanish metropolises, on the most important streets and the most expensive locations (now also in Italy and Portugal). t has been here since 1945 and for the Spanish, El Corte Inglés (which name literally means ¨English king¨ ), is a determinant of a certain type of luxury.

In Marbella, it is located centrally in Puerto Banús and you could find here the most recognised Spanish and international brands. It consists of 6 floors with plenty of parking available.

Basement 2 - home furnishings, fabrics, and household items on offer.

Basement 1 - sports equipment and clothing, services such as shoe repair, dry cleaners, cutters, garage repairs as well as post office and florist.

Ground floor - cafeterias, perfume and makeup shops, handbags, jewellery and footwear shops as well as pharmacy and opticians. This floor is also dedicated to the Hipercor supermarket that offers excellent quality food, wines, and fresh produce.

First floor - collection for men, women and children; hairdressers as well as baby products shop and breastfeeding room.

Second floor - electrical and household goods, furniture, linen, luggage, books, music, stationery.

La Cañada

For those who love fashion, who like to experiment and have fun with it, and who love to be up to date with trends. It offers a number of options to entertain kids and adults alike, as well as restaurants that cater to all palates so that everybody can make for a great day out for all the family. Once you've made your way to La Cañada, you'll find everything you could want in a shopping centre in over 150 shops. Whether you search for

European or international fashion trends, or you simply need to freshen up your golf or tennis wardrobe, all you need is under one roof.

You can also enjoy bowling, a multiplex cinema, various restaurants, a supermarket and a state of the art gym.

See The Sun have access to various luxury villas which are only a short distance away from El Corte Inglés or La Cañada.

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